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Using CCTV technology is the best and most efficient way to examine drains and sewers in Liverpool. This method will examine the pipeline properties in detail so that the technician can ascertain if there are any issues or potential future issues.
Our operators will use state of the art drain camera equipment technology to provide an intelligent and systematic drainage system inspection for you to view. A full report is then generated including images and sometimes video from inside your drains.

Our system of CCTV drain inspection service is an important part of the industry. It’s often vital to have a survey done at times and will often save you money in the long term. The clarity of the images taken from inside your drain is so high that our sewer inspection technicians can identify hazards in your pipework and also any potential problems that may occur in the future in your drainage system.

Cracks or split joints in pipework can leave gaps for soil and roots to get into which can lead to a collapse of your drains. These issues can also lead to pest issues like cockroaches, mice or rats. Pest can enter the drainage system through these cracks in the sewers and then through that can enter homes and commercial buildings.

If an issue is found with the drain camera, the good news that it can be fixed and quite often, similar technology can be used to carry out a repair without digging up the ground surface. Prevention is always the best course of action so if you have any doubt, book a survey and it will avert a potential drainage disaster in the future.

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